Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This was Cito's favorite house. He could come and go as he pleased with his doggy doors. He had a "girl" friend two doors down who always got out and came to see him. Cito loved Ken next door or Colin and the kids on the other side. He had so many children friends. He loved his walks to Timmies where they gave him a water and a timbit every time at the drive thru. He would sit in the front window and watch the kids all day long.


This is where Cito swam with the snapping turtles or watched the swans, geese and blue herons graze. He loved water and birds


CITO sick paws

Cito was very sick and this was the first of a few operations he had on his paws. Do you think he's ignoring me?


This is Cito's sister from Toroloka farms in Barrie


Don't you just want to hold him and kiss him. He's soooo cute. Look at those crystal blue eyes!!


As soon as we planted the tree Cito "watered" it. This was his favorite spot in the yard. As soon as the sod went down, "watering" he a went. He loved having no fence as all the kids and neighbours would come and talk to him or play with him. He could also see where the rabbits were coming from. They played in the yard every day. The rabbits loved chasing Cito.


This is where Cito would go when the kids got off the school bus. He would hear the bus go down the street and race to the door to watch his buddies come by. He loved kids. Especially the 3 little ones across the street. He would sit there and watch them play until they went out of site.


This was Cito after the 11 tumors were removed from him. It still didn't stop him from trying to get around. This is his favorite sleeping place where he could see the front, back and side door and of course close to his treat cupboard. He was such a trooper thru the operations. He would still get excited if we said "let's go see Dr John" He loved Dr John and his staff. They were so good to him. We were so thankful to have such great support from them.


This was Cito's treat cupboard. He would pick which treat he wanted from his 3 shelves. Whenever we opened the cupboard, no matter where he was, he would come running and start shopping. He loved anything peanut butter.


this is our purebred siberian husky named Cito Toroloka. His mother and father and grandmother and grandfather are North American Siberian champs. His two sisters and one brother appear in movies. Cito had a great personality, owned the property and loved people. He never went anywhere without people wanting to talk to him and touch him - even photograph him. We have a dear named Tito in our local part and the two of them talked to each other and cleaned each other every day. Their pictures were even in the paper. Sadly we put Cito to sleep November 21st. It was the hardest thing we have had to do. Each day we miss his antics and talks. He loved to talk and what a great voice he had. We love and miss you Cito.